Slide backgroundWhere do our thoughts come from? What if each of us has not one, but two souls?What is the purpose of struggle?There is a daily battle
between these two souls
to gain control over
our thoughts, speech, and actions.

Learn how principles
from athletics
apply to the soul.

Running with Two Souls

Kabbalistic Wisdom for Mastering Life’s Everyday Struggles


The book is unique in bringing together two seemingly opposite worlds—spirituality and competitive sports—to show how essential principles, strategies, and tools from athletics can be applied to the soul. The book’s title comes from the fundamental idea in Kabbalah that each of us has not one, but two souls. One of these souls contains an inner opponent, a specific counterforce that’s custom-made to challenge us.

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A unique system

Countless people turn to eastern or New Age philosophies for answers to their daily conundrums and spiritual quests. This book will show that the Jewish literature offers a clear system that is not widely known, but that anyone can learn and implement….

An original angle

The world of competitive sports involves fine tuning ones skills to engage in an intense but enjoyable battle. The mystical teachings provide a guide to attaining spiritual success and peace of mind.

Mystical but practical

Books about spiritual awakening or profound philosophical issues—however compelling and beautifully written—tend to be abstract. It is hard to pluck concrete practices and divest the ideas from their theoretical nature.

Artistic but not vague

Instead of creating a self-study curriculum or straight-ahead textbook that only a select audience will appreciate, I prefer to write a relevant book that, while remaining academically sound and representative of the original texts, is free-flowing, engaging, and appeals to the imagination…..


Use of Analogy and Metaphor

Most if not all books dealing with Kabbalistic literature remain highly abstract. This book will provide tangible metaphors that make these esoteric ideas comprehensible….