2. Sadness

Truly this should be made known as a cardinal principle, that as with a victory over a physical opponent, such as in the case of two individuals who are wrestling with each other, each striving to throw the other: if one is lazy and sluggish he will easily be defeated and thrown, even though he be stronger than the other.

The Tanya


One of the most formidable weapons of the inner opponent is an emotion of sadness. Sadness infuses the body with a slow and heavy rhythm—a sluggishness—in contrast to inner joy and an open heart, which create a lightness of being. When one is slow, no matter how talented, it is easier for him to fall. To overcome life’s challenges requires alertness, aliveness, and ability to stay in the present—a state of mind that is free from any trace of concern.

Guilt by appointment only:  We will discuss how to cleanse the heart of all sadness by introducing a concept of “set times” for certain emotions. There are times to ignore sadness and other times where sadness can unstop blockage. Knowing those times is crucial.

We will distinguish between two general forms of sadness, and two forms of joy, and pinpoint a sadness that can, if harnessed properly, become profitable and allow one to reach a higher state of joy than would have been possible—“those that know not how to cry, cannot truly laugh.”