6. Balance

One of the predominant themes within this system of character refinement is balance. Balance here does not mean moderation, but that all faculties of the soul are developed. While inevitably one’s nature will lean toward advancing some areas over others, the aim is to develop all aspects of one’s character in good proportion, and to help them work together to form a balanced and complete person.


For example, there must be a balance between the intellect, emotions, and action. Many individuals develop their mind or “heart” disproportionally: the academic who is short on love and has little desire to enhance relationships with people. Or the kindhearted neighbor who is not interested in being rational. The same is true of the evangelical spirituality operating on instinct and blind faith without using the mind. Conversely, there is the scholar who knows all the answers but does seek a loving personal relationship with G-d or with people. How to strengthen and develop each part of the person will be part of a larger discussion that we will undertake.