• Artistic but not vague: Instead of creating a self-study curriculum or straight-ahead textbook that only a select audience will appreciate, I prefer to write a relevant book that, while remaining academically sound and representative of the original texts, is free-flowing, engaging, and appeals to the imagination. The goal is to present deep concepts in a less academic and more artistic style, yet is focused and grounded, with practical application.


I am wary not to put out another “visualize what you want,” “attain enlightenment,” “connect to your true self” book or some pop-Kabballah splash that uses mysterious and vague terminology. Nor do I want to write a typical religious book that is in any way preachy or intolerant. I will work closely with a developmental editor to create the exact combination I have in mind.


  • Use of Analogy and Metaphor:  Most if not all books dealing with Kabbalistic literature remain highly abstract. This book will provide tangible metaphors that make these esoteric ideas comprehensible. In addition, we will sprinkle illustrations from familiar experience throughout the book, along with brief meditations used as educational tools to enable the reader to grasp new concepts.