Putting things in Order

World of Falsehood:

The soul journeys into a body and physical world, termed “the world of falsehood.”  Pure and unblemished, the child slowly learns the rules of the game. In thespiritual realm, there is no deception. Soul in body, the inside and outside can appear not to match up.  Example: the face can smile like a friend, but inside the person there is malice.  “One thing in mouth, another exists in the heart.”

Pretentiousness. Presenting yourself as earnest, while having an agenda. Salespeople, politicians and scholars top the list.

Sparks of truth:

This world is out of order. Our job is to put things in their proper context. Good and evil constantly intermingle. Impurity imitates the sacred and rushes to advertise itself. We are given a bag of diamonds and dirt. Sifting and refining your ideas about the world, about people, helps free sparks of spiritual light that are trapped in the darkness of confused minds. Find that good friend and good mentor to create the proper context.

Spiritual Nobility:

It says that the Alter Rebbe (1745-1812), when he wrote his famous work of the Tanya lost thousands of followers by adding one word— emet”— to his description of seeking excellence in spiritual matters.  Emet is truth. Truth does not mean dogmatism—nothing to do with proving God’s existence, or the validity of scripture.  It’s about character; What is the driving force behind one’s actions and intellect?

There can be no spiritual nobility without the willingness and strength to sift.  Intellectual delights must always be paired with sacrifice, to clean the mind and heart. Be honest  about whether those flowery words  and declarations that you say are accurate. Take responsibility for not only what you say, but what others hear.

This is the deeper meaning of “Distance yourself from falsehood,” – Mishpatim 23:7

Hard and Soft:

The opposite of spiritual nobility is not corruption. It’s fuzziness. To the extent that one loves truth, they cannot stomach superficiality, lies and pretentiousness. Loving truth and hating obscurity go hand in hand. This underlying sensitivity is a prerequisite for any life warrior, the true measure of whether one is sincere or on their own spiritual trip.

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