Stay Light or Get Blindsided

Hidden within any physical space are the spiritual imprints of those who inhabit it. As people gather inside a room, all their thoughts, desires, and essential character during those moments are projected into the air. Souls sense these hidden vibrations in the room and react. Good thoughts and pleasant connection come easily in good company. It’s a good room for the spirit to mingle with the flesh. The extreme is a holy site, or a house, a beautifully hosted meal, or a room filled with sincere study and prayer—if it’s free from ego.
Before a public lecture, my teacher could tell how his performance would go. When standing at the podium in front of a group of colorful, humble faces, filled light, he would say “Tonight’s going to be a good talk.” The atmosphere was ripe.

Other times the combination of characters makes for a heavily polluted atmosphere, where a sensitive soul finds it hard to navigate through the thick soup of disconnected figures, the antithesis of spiritual symbiosis. Picking up on the base vibrations of others, the animal side is instinctively aroused.

Everyone is polite, smiling, and everything seems fine. But in such a situation, it is easy to get blindsided. Blindsided means that you are in a good mood, everything is going smoothly, and then out of the blue, someone utters a comment, or a question, that smells from arrogance or ill intent—and instead of being able to dodge it, it hits you in the face and you get sucked in. Now you absorbed the smell. Had you been ready for it, you could have avoided the contact.

The punches that hurt the most are those that you can’t see coming.

To be sure, the other person is not consciously trying to hurt you. They may be completely unaware of their spiritual odor, like a smoker who cannot detect the stench on her own clothing. Your opponent simply works through them and it’s your job to see it coming.

What prevents you from getting blindsided? Being connected to above; it’s where the deeper soul powers work through the mind, and even purify the external air through the strength of these innermost soul powers. Yes, we can change the air around us, even the physical air.

And what ensures that connection? Prayer.

If you pray well in the morning, you will solidify the ladder reaching from below to above. And that strength will stay with you through the interactions of the day, changing your consciousness and sharpening your spiritual reflexes, enabling you to be prepared (instead of blindsided).

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